congrats to YS

YS finally got married, today in Arkansas. He called me only 1 hour before his marriage and I could only say congrats..

He was counting down on his MSN messenger from 2 weeks ago and I thought he meant he’s gong to join new company… darn, bad boy.

the bride is a Chinese-descendent from Malaysia, pretty judging from the pics I’ve seen:) God bless them!


Little destroyer

Amy is a little destroyer now. Not to mention she makes the whole house a messy place, today I found she destroyed my beloved original sound track of Halo2.

Looks like she threw the CD on the driveway and rubbed it hard against the cement surface:( Totally gone and unreparable now… I gotta be hard on her later on otherwise she could be spoiled by me…

another weekend

Another weekend came. We spent the whole afternoon mawing and edging our lawn.. An agent’s car came by and took down the "For Sale" sign of our neighbor. It was just put up on Monday! Geez, housing market is still hot. It took the owner only 4 days to sell the house.. Now her neighbor is also putting theirs up for sale too, price and ads will come on next Monday but I already saw some guy came into the house to take a look.. Wow, I don’t know I should feel happy or sad. My house has definitely appreciated too but I am thinking of upgrading to a better house. And of course in this market it’s not going to be cheap


Revenge of Sith

Today went to watch Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of Sith. The story book I only read up to Empire Strikes back and this episode I haven’t read.

I was pretty sad when watching Skywalker fell to the dark side and stun to see he fought with Obi Wan, lost his legs and got almost burnt to ashes Good thing is that this is not the end of the story yet – waiting to see the next episode.


Yoda said, "Train yourself to let go of everything you fear most to lose!" (I don’t remember exactly he said)

Not my day

Yesterday had an 1-1 with my lead. He alerts me to "have some sense of urgency". He feels that I am a bit in relax mode recently. Perhaps, since I am still in recover stage of my accident. That made me feel bad all day although I know he didn’t mean to criticize me or something. He’s a good and capable boss. Maybe no one doesn’t treat me as a ‘patient’ any more. Good and bad…

Then I went to take a road test to get my driver license back. Unfortunately I failed:( Perhaps I wasn’t moving my head wide enough that it didn’t meet the tester’s criteria.

At night both Sonics and Mariners lost. Sonics is now facing elimination from playoff, trailing 2:3 in a best 7 serie.


There’s no Ichiro

Mom is playing game with Amy. She puts a few blocks to a few rows and told Amy, "Pick out red color from each row."

Amy looked at it for a while and said, "Mom, there’s no Ichiro!"

PS: In case you don’t know who is Ichiro (Suzuki), he is the baseball player playing in Seattle Mariners.

how about this face

Last night in MTV Microsoft announced Xbox 360, the next version of Xbox. One cool thing I like about this new console is that I’ll be able to listen to music, browse my photo album without worrying where they are stored.

This Xmas… I’m going to sell my current Xbox and switch to Xbox 360!

Click here to watch a facelet designed by one of my colleagues:)