amazing Amy

Today Amy and her mom went to library and mom was doing self-checkout. Amy went to the libarian and asked libarian, "Can I get some stamp?" "Sure, which one do you like?", the libarian said with a smile. Amy said, "Can I get both?" The libarian happily stamped both her hands

This might not be surprising for an American but for Amy, English is just her second language. At least I talked 99% Chinese to her. I am just amazed by her English level and have absolutely no doubt that she would have no language problem when she went to preschool this September.

I am so proud of you Amy.


One response to “amazing Amy

  1. Hi!!I know exactly how it feels. Kids are the best in parent’s life but when they do this amazings things, you feel like… there’s no words to describe it. Our first language is spanish and we came to United States a year ago, in that time I was worried about my kids, cause they don’t know any english, (me either). Now I’m very proud of them, they finished the school very good and their english is pretty good.My little one talks english like she was born here and still keep her spanish too. She goes to pre k in september too.That’s the best thing in the life.Congratulations for your new home. Our best wishes for you and your family.


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