House update

We have found the house we want, but right before we are about to submit the offer……. no, it’s not what you think, the house is still there. It’s that we found out we are far from selling our home:( The offer letter would have a standard clause of listing current house within 5 days after acceptance of offer letter in order to let the contigency clause valid. So we have to hold off submitting the offer and hurry up cleaning up the house.
Sigh.. it’s so hard to remove the grouts that we put in when we bought the house:( 1 day of work only cleaned about 1/5 of them:( And we bought a lot of big big plastic containers (boxes) from HomeDepot to put Amy’s toys in… You never know how much you have invested in your kid until the time to clean up them…
So we’ll probably give up the plan to travel to Tofino in long weekend and rather let Amy have some play time in Kayak Point with other kids that she knew from a Chinese learning group. We can use the 1 day saved on cleaning up house.
Got 2 estimates already for the painting job. and tomorrow will be our last candidate. After that, we can pick a bid and then go ahead with re-painting job. Then if necessary, we need to hire a storage place (which is very near, just across the street from our community). Then, if the house we are interested is still available, make an offer and there we go! I think our offer would have no problem of being accepted since it’s a new construction and we will offer full price:)
Then, life would become stretchful. But before then, enjoy life as much as we can!


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