My Virtual Earth Scratch Pad

MSN has a virtual earth map too now. Somehow Google’s earth version doesn’t run on my laptop and it just hung there and I have to kill it with kill command (poor testing!)


I searched my home address in  msn virutal earth and found my home with no problem. And the detail is quite accurate too, at least map is more up-to-date then when I use the satellite map of Google. Google’s satellite picture must be taken earlier than when my house was built in 2002. MSN’s version showed 3 cars parked around my mini cul-de-sac. Maybe taken some time when some service men came to my neighbor’s house when I wasn’t around.



retaste of stock market

Life suddenly becomes boring after there came the news of my feature team gonna be cut in 3 months. I discussed it with my wife and also my long time friend who was my manager when I joined the company and again from 01/2004 to 07/2004. My wife dissuaded me to jump ship to Google and so did my ex-manager. Anyway, still pondering what I should do now. But before I make the decision (probably stay here longer and see what happens before I make my decision in 3 months), I am taking this vacation-like time to retaste trading stocks.
I have not been trading stocks since last August (well, maybe a few times, less than 5). I treid to get myself familiar again with stocks, so I did a few daytrades with tight stop limit since I can’t afford to lose too much now. Well, didn’t do too bad these days. Gained a few dollar for my lunch  But that’s it, I am not counting on stocks to bring me big bucks. eg, I bought 300 shares of OSG yesterday at 62.68 and sold them this morning at 63.08 then bought 300 shares of XOM @59.51 and planned to hold it and see how it goes tomorrow. Thursday XOM will announce earnings…

barbie jeep works!

Forgot to blog that after my wife called Costco and told them waht had happened, costco still said "just bring it back!" even my wife had told them again that it’s our own fault!
Costco rocks! So we got another jeep back home. And I assembled it on Monday night and I made very sure I didn’t do anything wrong this time. Finally on Tuesday, after the battery was charged for 24 hours, it’s up running! Amy was a bit afraid at first that she even walked away from the jeep! After our encouragement and successful  persuation, she sit back to the jeep and drove it away.. First day she learned to step on the gas pedal but she couldn’t handle the steering wheel. I had to correct her jeep’s direction all the time. But from Wednesday on she started to get better, yesterday she could drive it up and down the slope with only little intervention. We have a new driver!

Handyman not handy at all

Not a day went by without Amy talking about her birthday and the gifts. We have got a long long list already that she has asked for from last year. And teh day before yesterday when she and her mom went to Costco she saw the Barbie Jeep and started to ask for that as her birthday gift. Finally her mom and her settled down and she agreed that that Jeep would be her birthday gift and nothing else.
So I went home and we got the Jeep home. Yesterday I started to assemble it since I was treated like a handyman. After almost 2 hours of work (and the manual suggested 1 hour), I finished assembling the jeep. And, steering doesn’t steer at all! I felt a bit fishy when I assembled that part since I didn’t put the steering column into the hole of the bar. Now it doesn’t steer I re-read the manual and found I missed a graph during assembly. I should have put the steering column through the hole on the bar first. And I couldn’t get it out
Today I called the repair shop listed on the manual and they asked me to bring it back.. The price would be $30+parts…
So the $149.99+tax jeep now costs $200 if it can be repaired This handyman is not handy after all…

reading big big hole

Nothing to do today so wasting time on bbs.. someone told a story and listed the girl’s name publicly. Hundreds of readers jumped in to do their guess of the truth of the story and commented on the involved.. I, who normally don’t get involved in these soap operas, also expressed some of my thoughts after reading the story which not yet ended 
Really bored… today Amy went to continue her ballet class at 4:30pm and I am waiting wife to pick me up afterwards…

Harry Potter

Wify bought 5 books of Harry Potter yesterday from Costco, since we are not going to move too soon now that we decided the exact location, just wait for the right house with right price be listed
Costco has good deal on Harry Potter’s books now. One only $4.99+tax (compared with $7.99 retail). She’s waiting for book 6 – "Half blood prince" (?). Of course that’s not going to be cheap… but perhaps $16.99 or around that figure. She said she would hand these boooks down to Amy when she grows up
Looks like she’s converted to a Harry Potter fan after watching those movies….