Handyman not handy at all

Not a day went by without Amy talking about her birthday and the gifts. We have got a long long list already that she has asked for from last year. And teh day before yesterday when she and her mom went to Costco she saw the Barbie Jeep and started to ask for that as her birthday gift. Finally her mom and her settled down and she agreed that that Jeep would be her birthday gift and nothing else.
So I went home and we got the Jeep home. Yesterday I started to assemble it since I was treated like a handyman. After almost 2 hours of work (and the manual suggested 1 hour), I finished assembling the jeep. And, steering doesn’t steer at all! I felt a bit fishy when I assembled that part since I didn’t put the steering column into the hole of the bar. Now it doesn’t steer I re-read the manual and found I missed a graph during assembly. I should have put the steering column through the hole on the bar first. And I couldn’t get it out
Today I called the repair shop listed on the manual and they asked me to bring it back.. The price would be $30+parts…
So the $149.99+tax jeep now costs $200 if it can be repaired This handyman is not handy after all…


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