barbie jeep works!

Forgot to blog that after my wife called Costco and told them waht had happened, costco still said "just bring it back!" even my wife had told them again that it’s our own fault!
Costco rocks! So we got another jeep back home. And I assembled it on Monday night and I made very sure I didn’t do anything wrong this time. Finally on Tuesday, after the battery was charged for 24 hours, it’s up running! Amy was a bit afraid at first that she even walked away from the jeep! After our encouragement and successful  persuation, she sit back to the jeep and drove it away.. First day she learned to step on the gas pedal but she couldn’t handle the steering wheel. I had to correct her jeep’s direction all the time. But from Wednesday on she started to get better, yesterday she could drive it up and down the slope with only little intervention. We have a new driver!


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