retaste of stock market

Life suddenly becomes boring after there came the news of my feature team gonna be cut in 3 months. I discussed it with my wife and also my long time friend who was my manager when I joined the company and again from 01/2004 to 07/2004. My wife dissuaded me to jump ship to Google and so did my ex-manager. Anyway, still pondering what I should do now. But before I make the decision (probably stay here longer and see what happens before I make my decision in 3 months), I am taking this vacation-like time to retaste trading stocks.
I have not been trading stocks since last August (well, maybe a few times, less than 5). I treid to get myself familiar again with stocks, so I did a few daytrades with tight stop limit since I can’t afford to lose too much now. Well, didn’t do too bad these days. Gained a few dollar for my lunch  But that’s it, I am not counting on stocks to bring me big bucks. eg, I bought 300 shares of OSG yesterday at 62.68 and sold them this morning at 63.08 then bought 300 shares of XOM @59.51 and planned to hold it and see how it goes tomorrow. Thursday XOM will announce earnings…


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