still nervous like an ant on hotpot

Agent said final contract has arrived though he can’t email me yet since he’s out of office. Now just waiting for the inspection tomorrow and then we can be 80% sure the deal can close…. also my agent said another agent who showed my house to her client would like to make offer but he said we already accepted an offer. anyway, good signs that there are more than 1 person who’s interested in my house!
I don’t know why I am still so nervous. Perhaps I should really take a vacation but our new house is also closing soon which requires me to be at home

rumor is rumor

Today got someone to tell me that ship party is not going to be Hawaii. It will be in December to go to Whistler. Well, I don’t know if I can ski then and if I can, I definitely can’t ski on black diamond slope then
on the other side, haven’t received any offer yet though agent said he called each agent who showed my house to potential buyer and a couple of them said the clients had great interest.. keep fingers crossed and hope for the best!

finally all are ready for buyer

Days of hard work and little sleep.. Finally our house is listed! Now praying for the buyers to show up and snatch it quickly so that we don’t have to worry about it… agent took pictures this morning and he actually submitted the listing already before even let me approve the words and pictures he chose.
"Everything will be fine." I told my wife and myself.. Hopefully next Monday when I go to watch Monday Night Football (Seahawks vs Cowboys), I would already have multiple offers in hand
God bless me!
Update: 9:50am I got first call from an agent who’s going to show my house, 9:54am got another call… now we are under way! 

Another special day..

Today is .. a very special day. Luck is with me. I bought FLEX yesterday morning and then the market tanked but at close my FLEX only downed 1 cent than my purchase price. Today it was upgraded and I quickly sold it for a nice gain. well, still not enough to cover my house inspection cost though.

crazy BIDU

I sold my other stocks yesterday for the ipo today of BIDU – China’s Google. I got up at 6:30am and it showed a selling price of 45 and a buying price of 40. It was priced at $27, much higher than 16-19 it originally anticipated. I thought $45 is too high if you look at its earning last year. So I went back to sleep.. An hour later when I went to check its price again, it’s alredy $70! I said, "crazy!" and after a latte and a piece of cheesecake, I left for work. At work, I checked again, and it’s $99! I almost wanted to short it but it’s IPO, not shortable. By lunch time, it had climbed to over $135 and closed at $122.5, I could only sigh at myself who couldn’t recognize the beauty when she was flirting me

The house now is mine!

finally got the faxed copy of buyer/seller contract. Hehe, after a long long wait, I can now announce it’s mine house! Of course, not really – until I close
Too bad rate these days is not good at all… gotta wait for a day to lock a good rate. maybe 5.5 is good enough, now it’s over 5.625..