On the 1-year mark of the …

Yesterday I took 1 day off to avoid driving and gave myself some time to look back the past year since that terrible accident and appreciate life and my wife and Amy. I just cannot thank my wife enough for taking care of me and Amy when I was in the biggest trouble of my life. Of course I need to thank our friends who lent a hand when we needed it most.
Anyway, I accomplished a lot in the past year considering my health status.
1. I am still alive.
2. I am back to work.
3. I join ProClub again and exercise there every Sat and Sun
4. Buy a house yesterday!
Things are changing fast and will keep changing. I could never envision this 1 year ago. Of coz, if I could, upgrading to a house a year ago would be much much cheaper. now has to start preparing to sell this current house…

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