crazy BIDU

I sold my other stocks yesterday for the ipo today of BIDU – China’s Google. I got up at 6:30am and it showed a selling price of 45 and a buying price of 40. It was priced at $27, much higher than 16-19 it originally anticipated. I thought $45 is too high if you look at its earning last year. So I went back to sleep.. An hour later when I went to check its price again, it’s alredy $70! I said, "crazy!" and after a latte and a piece of cheesecake, I left for work. At work, I checked again, and it’s $99! I almost wanted to short it but it’s IPO, not shortable. By lunch time, it had climbed to over $135 and closed at $122.5, I could only sigh at myself who couldn’t recognize the beauty when she was flirting me


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