Amy’s 3-year birthday party

Amy celebrated her 3-year-old birthday yesterday. She had been talking about her birthday party literally everyday from last year. It finally comes and we spent lots of cycles perparing it.
At first we booked the party at Build-A-Bear but later we have to cancel it because Build-A-Bear store doesn’t allow you to have food there. And birthday cake is one of the most important part for a kid. So we decided to host the party at home. We let Amy choose the theme: StrawberrryShortcake, DoraTheExplorer or Cinderella. She picked StrawberryShortcake. We then went PartyCity and bought the Strawberryshortcake-themed tablecloth, plates, napkin, goodie-bag, pinata and goodies. We also got some non-strawberryshortcake-brand straws and ballons. For the birthday cake, we went to Fred Meyer to order a 1/2-sheet cake with Strawberryshortcake on it. After the cake, they went to do pinata. And after that, they drove Amy’s Barbie Jeep and played her (actually mine!) Hummer remote-control car. It’s great fun to watch kids play together…


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