Finally in the new home

I took last Thursday and Friday off and stayed at home doing packing and moving (small items). I rented a U-Haul and moved a big chunk of packed boxes over to my new house. Then Saturday the movers came and moved the TV, bed, futon, desk etc bulky items over. Just 10 items took them 3.5 hours but it wouldn’t be possible for me to move them myself and my SUV.. anyway it’s only after the fact that I realized that I should have hired them to move more than those 10 bulky items.. a good lesson learned.
Then Sunday it’s the Mooncake Festival. I tried to buy some mooncakes for my family but a small box of cake is outrageously expensive. $25! I thought for a while and picked two other snacks instead, $9.83.. saved $16
And our Escrow called to schedule a signing appointment tomorrow with us. It’ll be 9am in their office in Bellevue. Haha, the biggest thing in my life is finally coming to an end… We buy a house and sell one!! Then hopefully the gain from the old house and the principal that we built up last 3 years can pay off the 2nd loan of the new house. A new life starts…

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