After a dispute on the sewage capacity fee that postponed the closing date for 1 day, we finally reached a compromise – the buyer and seller (us) each is going to pay 50% of the fee. This is really my ignorance when disclosing it but also shows my agent is.. not a good one at the least. He said he didn’t even know this before. He sucks… but we used him just for the rebate that his company is giving out.
Anyway we went into escrow this morning again and signed off the HUD statement and if county records the transaction by 2:45 PM today, the escrow will wire the money to my bank account Which is about enough to pay off my 2nd loan and my new car, maybe a little more to reduce my primary mortgage..
So anxious waiting to see money in my bank account tonight at the latest tomorrow.. It will be a little tight but still very very good. I forgot to count in my paid principal before and thought I’d be in a stretch mode. Good to know that I am still in good finance condition.. just that now I need 2 paychecks to cover the monthly mortgage instead of 1 🙂


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