Last Friday’s private interview result wasn’t 5:0 but 4:1 Nevertheless I was given the opportunity to go through an as-appropriate formal interview. Now gotta talk to my current manager about changing job. still 1 hour and 5 minutes to go before I meet him….

oversold stock market

Stock market has been oversold I believe. In just 2 weeks, my 401k gain went to 5.4% profit this year to 1.4% last night. Dropping like a stone, I am feeling bad. Not to mention my personal account, shrinked a lot this year.
I don’t understand why MSFT didn’t go higher until yesterday news came that it settled anti-trust issue with RealNetworks by paying more than 700 million? Geez, no wonder. Well, now that the bad news is out finally, but I don’t have money! I bought 5 MSFT OCT 22.50 calls @1.90 and quickly flipped it today @2.20 for some gain… little it is, but better than seeing my asset worth dropping everyday.

Congrats, White Sox

As I predicted, WhiteSox indeed swept RedSox 3:0 to go to ALCS.. I think they will be the WS champion this year. Let’s see if my predict is accurate. Congrats nevertheless, since it’s been so long since WhiteSox won a playoff serie

Finally we bought a new car, bought a new house and sold an old house. Starting to settle down in this new neighborhood. I even started to do ebay again, today sold my Seahawks vs Rams tickets on ebay for some profit, barely enough to cover the loss of the price I sold the preseason game at half price. Hehe, I still have one game left which is against Indiana Colts. I tried to keep that pair of tickets for myself but let’s see if Seahawks are still in playoff hunt then.

On work front, still no much progress so far. My dear ex-boss hasn’t changed team though he said he started talking with some people now. I wish him all the best so that I can join him In fact, he’s the only reason I’m not jumping ship to Google. I don’t really care about what job I do now, whether it’s on Windows or Unix, coding in C# or Java. I want to go to a job that I am in good relationship with the boss, the colleagues. That is more important than salary IMO. People you work with matter, more than the thousands of dollars diffrence. Although I have given myself a deadline: if he’s not going to a new team which he likes by the end of this year, I’d look outside and start to prepare to interview with Google Actually I like Google more than Microsoft now. Google seems to always do cool stuff, and Microsoft is becoming out-of-fashion and more and more bureautic. Hopefully Steve can change this and revert Microsoft to the company I once liked most.

Bassett furniture store

Today came to work at around 11am.. The reason is that we had to go south to Tukilla to fetch the casual dining set we bought yesterday at Bassett. Good that we took 2 of the 4 chairs back home yesterday because the table and the 2 remaining chairs fit right into our 2 SUVs and don’t think there’re more spaces for other 2 chairs… The chairs are here and the table is here
I love Bassett! They have free popcorn and drip coffee in their store Hehe, good marketing to earn a customer like me

Another Sunday…

Got up early today and waited for the game between Seahawks and Redskins.. Finally it’s 10am PST and the game started. Seahawks offense didn’t get much chance since Redskins dominated the first half controlling the ball. Nevertheless we only were behind 3:7 at half time. After halftime Seahawks seems to find the rhyme and even the score at 17 with 1:13 to go. Then defense INTed the ball but sadly our kicker Josh Brown missed the 47-yard FG for the 2nd time in a game! In OT we can’t stop them for converting 3rd downs continuously and finally lost
Then after a quick lunch we headed out to a friend I knew through web 6 years ago – amazingly she’s only about 10 minutes of walk away from my home. Hehe, she’s really handy – imagine that she built a deck by herself in 2 weeks!
Then we headed out to buy the casual dining table we need. We finally bought one from Basset, it’s quite pretty and well made. It’s even more expensive than my formal dining set from Costco Home! How ironic!
Then we went to Central Market and bought some groceries and Udon noodle and icecream and the flavor for coffee (this time Strawberry)… when we got home, it’s already 8pm and we haven’t started fixing dinner!
Another Sunday passed and really hate to go back to work again tomorrow