Congrats, White Sox

As I predicted, WhiteSox indeed swept RedSox 3:0 to go to ALCS.. I think they will be the WS champion this year. Let’s see if my predict is accurate. Congrats nevertheless, since it’s been so long since WhiteSox won a playoff serie

Finally we bought a new car, bought a new house and sold an old house. Starting to settle down in this new neighborhood. I even started to do ebay again, today sold my Seahawks vs Rams tickets on ebay for some profit, barely enough to cover the loss of the price I sold the preseason game at half price. Hehe, I still have one game left which is against Indiana Colts. I tried to keep that pair of tickets for myself but let’s see if Seahawks are still in playoff hunt then.

On work front, still no much progress so far. My dear ex-boss hasn’t changed team though he said he started talking with some people now. I wish him all the best so that I can join him In fact, he’s the only reason I’m not jumping ship to Google. I don’t really care about what job I do now, whether it’s on Windows or Unix, coding in C# or Java. I want to go to a job that I am in good relationship with the boss, the colleagues. That is more important than salary IMO. People you work with matter, more than the thousands of dollars diffrence. Although I have given myself a deadline: if he’s not going to a new team which he likes by the end of this year, I’d look outside and start to prepare to interview with Google Actually I like Google more than Microsoft now. Google seems to always do cool stuff, and Microsoft is becoming out-of-fashion and more and more bureautic. Hopefully Steve can change this and revert Microsoft to the company I once liked most.



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