You get the whole city talking about you

Dear Seahawks, you get the whole city talking about you. That’s a dream this city has been waiting for 30 years and I am sure you will give it a perfect fullstop on Feb. 5.
Don’t know what I should focus now with the game still 1.5 weeks away so I went to, to read articles by those journalists, analysts… It feels ridiculous that NFC #1 seed is an underdog facing an AFC #6 seed. Maybe Detroit is closer to Pittsburg. I happily take this underdog and this will only increase my chance of winning the bet with those net-friends.
Go Seahawks!

Superbowl XL tickets

Finally got the email I have been long expecting from Seahawks.

Thank you for your continued support during this exciting season.  We recently concluded our Season Ticket Holder Super Bowl ticket lottery and are sorry to inform you that your account was not drawn in the lottery.

Though not selected in the lottery process, we would like to recommend other resources for you to make arrangements to join us in Detroit for Super Bowl XL.

Super Bowl XL Tickets and Travel Packages

  • Travel packages are available through our travel partner, PrimeSport.  Packages include air, hotel and game ticket accommodations. 
  • If you are interested in reserving a Super Bowl XL package, please contact PrimeSport:

Phone:  1-800-591-9198
Web Site:

  • There are only a limited number of packages available and orders will be processed on a first received basis, so don’t miss this once in a lifetime experience.

Our ticket office is experiencing a very high call volume and cannot readily answer any Super Bowl-related questions such as ticket availability or travel options.  Please refer to the contacts above for any additional information.  If you wish to review our Super Bowl guidelines, please visit or call our Super Bowl hotline at 888-NFL-BOWL.

We are very excited to recommend this travel package and hope to see you in Detroit on February 5th, 2006.  

The Seattle Seahawks

Bidding war again

Since Amy doesn’t like going to QWest Field, I sold the pair of NFC Championship tickets and decided to buy just 1 ticket so that I can go cheer for Seahawks and save some money for the family
I went to bid on ebay for 1 ticket and quickly I found one ticket on 20-yard line with 9 minutes left while highest bid was only $109. I was so glad that I called my wife and she approved my request. I waited until the final 30 seconds and it was $130 then, and I put in 153.10, happily thinking I would get it.. and it did show I was the highest bidder (at that moment).. when I refreshed again, the bidding has ended and I was outbid! The winning bid was over 177.00! Damn it.. I should have put in $200!!
Sigh… missed opportunity. Well, saved money looking from the bright side. I’ll cheer for Hassleback and Alexandar and their teammates by a good No. 12 at home then..
Go Hawks!