Bidding war again

Since Amy doesn’t like going to QWest Field, I sold the pair of NFC Championship tickets and decided to buy just 1 ticket so that I can go cheer for Seahawks and save some money for the family
I went to bid on ebay for 1 ticket and quickly I found one ticket on 20-yard line with 9 minutes left while highest bid was only $109. I was so glad that I called my wife and she approved my request. I waited until the final 30 seconds and it was $130 then, and I put in 153.10, happily thinking I would get it.. and it did show I was the highest bidder (at that moment).. when I refreshed again, the bidding has ended and I was outbid! The winning bid was over 177.00! Damn it.. I should have put in $200!!
Sigh… missed opportunity. Well, saved money looking from the bright side. I’ll cheer for Hassleback and Alexandar and their teammates by a good No. 12 at home then..
Go Hawks!


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