Bad officiating ruined our Superbowl

It should be ours. Seahawks played good enough to win SB XL but the disgusting referees made too many bad calls that all favored Stealers and took the SB that should belong to us away.
I am disgusted by them. Have to take my champagne out from fridge and keep it aside for other occassion. The day didn’t belong to Seattle, the darkest day of NFL officiating.
I am still your fan, Seahawks. I will always support you.
Go Seahawks!

Go Seahawks

Everywhere you go in Seattle now you can see signs of "Go Seahawks". A 4-floor high banner is hung outside Bldg 35 today which writes "Thanks Seahawks – from the 12th Man". Also on the electric-advertising board of gas station, it also flashes "Go" and then followed by a Seahawks logo. Many buildings have Go Seahawks on the banner hung from the top of building. Even Amy’s preschool has "Go Seahawks" written in blue and white marker on the whiteboard. The whole city is super excited and will be electric on Sunday if Seahawks can bring home the first Superbowl
The news said US has wagered $1 billion over the Superbowl and I also betted some amount of money (since it’s still illegal in WA to gamble on sports, I won’t disclose how much here, but just a few bucks anyway)… which I hope will bring me some good return
Go Seahawks!