Mid year review

Today had lunch together wth my good friend. I told him that my previous boss left some unfair bad notes on my transition report. I just transfered to this new team 6 weeks ago and the old boss wrote that becaus I "was in checkout mode" too early (for god’s sake, I served the longest transition time the company allowed – 8 weeks!) that I caused the work item "had to be done from scratch and caused a delay of 3 months". Bullsh*t, how can I cause a delay of 3 months when they redid it "from scratch" in 6 weeks!
Today read bbs that someone hates Chinese woman in her team and I now concur that. My friend comforted me saying that he knew someone vowed not to work for any new lead simply because that 95% new lead isn’t good at lead at all. I told him I already told my boss that I disagreed with what my ex-boss said but I dont give a damn. I just want to be treated fairly, if I don’t perform well and get bad reviews, fine with me. If the new boss wants to give me bad reviews because of this, go ahead and I won’t blame him for this. My friend smiled and I know I won’t be treated unfairly  Why am I so sure? Hehe, what do you think that I don’t jump to Google but stay in this company? What do you think I am stretching my financial to go to watch Mariners’ spring training next month? Why do I still accept this position that codes more in C++ than C#?