I will miss you my friend

Monday night when YS called me to tell me about the death news of Glory I was shocked. I didn’t sleep well that night and not last night either.
Glory returned China looking to expand her career after she got PR (or citizenship?) of Australia. She invested together with the teacher she highly respected and bought a property from him in Zhuhai with ocean view for RMB2.5M. Last month she felt depressed and then committed suicide on March 10, 2006.
I guess she lost a ton in option trading in China and then lost the desire to live on. But anyway, she’s gone and God bless her a peaceful and stress-free life in heaven.
Glory was the first female classmate I met 16 years ago in campus. I put down my luggage and was drinking water on the balcony when I saw her dragging her luggage along the way. I then went out of my building and offered her help to take the luggage to her dorm. While walking to her dorm, we chatted and we were surprised to find out that we are classmates! My wife (then my girlfriend) stayed in their dorm 14 years ago when she visited me in Shanghai. Before my wife came to US, she went to Guangzhou for visa and Glory wasnt even at home but left the key to her house so that my wife could sleep at her place for a night..
Sigh, back in Feburary when we were chatting on MSN messenger, she said she bought a property in Zhuhai and were inviting my wife, my daughter and I to visit her new house if we go back to China this year. She sounded very ambitious and confident then. But now… sigh, rest in peace, Glory. I will miss you.