Yellowstone Trip

Spent last week going to Yellowstone and back. Drove more than 1500 miles. First day we left at around 10am and reached Bozeman Fairfield Inn at around 11:30pm. After a night’s rest, we went on our journey through the north entrance of Yellowstone NP and camped at Mammoth Hotspring camp field. Then we went out to Norris and on the way we saw black bears and deers. At night little one had her first camping night sort of a milestone. I didn’t sleep too well because we didn’t inflate the airbed enough  and it’s too hot because my wife brought too many quilts and blankies
On the 2nd day we packed the tents and moved on to Madison campground. Madison is much better and we decided to park there for 2 nights. However, the campgrounds in Yellowstone do not have showers and you have to go to the nearby hotels and pay $3.25 per person for a shower. Mammoth is close to a hotel but Madison is a bit far so we did not have any shower for 2 days during our stay there. But I slept better because this time I made sure the airbed is fully inflated. We went out to watch geyseur in Old Faithful – it’s wonderful! We also visited Grand Teton NP but it’s not as beautiful as others touted. Maybe because it’s just snow mountain and lakes along the road – and we have been to Banff and Jasper that are more beautiful with similar scenaries.
The 5th day on the way back, we saw bald eagle from about 1000 feet away! I used my camcorder and took a shot as attached in this blog. We also saw hundreds of bisons!! Bisons are ugly, or perhaps they’re changing the hairs between the seasons…
We drove another 13 hours and arrived at home at around 11:30pm again