Lopsided loss

I thought it would be a close game and Seahawks might lose but never expected it to be such a messy loss. On national TV Seahawks lost to Bears 6-37 last night. Chicago Bears had everything going for them. In a game without our MVP Shaun Alexander, we became a one-dimension team that Bears easily shut us down, only giving up 2 FGs. This again proves the significance of losing our free agent – Steven Hutchison, to the evil Vikings.
We will be okay though, I believe. After a bye-week we’ll regroup and win the next game. I guess we’ll see Bears again in playoff – and hopefully in Seattle.
btw, I found a VCR-curse: everytime I tried to tape the game, Seahawks would lose. Last time it was SuperBowl, this time it’s Bears. So from now on I will NOT tape the game any more.
Go Seahawks!