Saltwater Aquarium 2

Today I am going to write down one discovery I made these days.
I purchased a mushroom anemone about a week ago from Saltwater City for $49.99 and first day it opened up but the 2nd day morning it retracted (closed) a lot that scared the hell out of me. I went immediately tested the water but ph, ammonia, nitrate are all normal. I thought that I need to put it near high current so I moved it closer to a pump which pumps water to form a current. And gradually it opened up again and made me relieved. But this kept going on for a week: every morning I wake up and it’s closed. I frantically tested water but everything is okay. It puzzled me for the whole week until yesterday I suddenly think could it be because of light? Every night when I go to bed, I turn off the lighting and morning when I wake up I will turn them on again, thus to simulate sun rise and sunset. Could it be because Mushrrom will ‘close’ when there’s no light? It seems like so 🙂

One response to “Saltwater Aquarium 2

  1. I asked the question to the Saltwater City owner Andy today. And he said those times mushroom or coral ‘close’ themselves are either they are eating food, or they are ‘taking a shower’ 🙂


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