Happy Feet

Today my wife, daughter and I went to Pacific Science Center and we were surprised to see "Happy Feet" on show in IMAX again. Though they have watched it on IMAX, they still accompanied me and watched it the 2nd time.
It’s an animated film talking about how an emperor penguin, Mumble, who is born incapable of singing where in Antarctica penguins find their mate through singing. He was treated as an anomoly but he could tap dance very well. He was ousted by THE emperor of emperor penguins because he thought it’s Mumble who brings the bad luck of femine where fish supply is low because of human fishing near Antarctic. Anyway Mumble left and found himself friends with 5 amigos, a smaller kind of penguin. He is determined to find out the real cause of the femine. He saw a big fish net catching lots of fish and was caught as well trying to find out why. He ended up in an aquarium zoo. He couldn’t communicate with humans but his tap dancing got visitors’ attention and was finally released to the sea with a tracking radio on his back. A few humans followed him to the emperor penguins territory and one of them took videos of penguins all doing tap dancing. The video got lots of attention in human society and finally human ‘aliens’ decided not to catch fish near Antarctic. And penguins’ femine is over and they live happily ever after.


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