Broken bone

Well, I can’t type much now since my right elbow is fractutured and I now have only left hand able to move.. I bought a new bike and on a big slope I was trying to ride faster than the truck and lost control of the bike and crashed. X-ray showed I have a fracture in my elbow. I have to stay at home now for 3-6 weeks though I’d go check with my doctor to see how fast I am heeling and see if I can at least work from home next weekSad
Sigh… now no Disney trip until at least next JanuarySad

Thank you MasterChief

Need to say "thank you, MasterChief!" because it’s one of the big reasons other than Windows and Office that is showing profitability in our FY08 Q1 earning report. With Halo3 finally Entertainment division turns in the first black quarter!
Today MSFT rose 9.50%, thanks to a 23% surge in revenue and we blew away all the Wall Street estimates, and raised the guidence for FY08. It’s unfortunate that I had a few sold covered calls (NOV 32.5C) on my MSFT positions… Anyway still nice to see MSFT gain so much on a single day. I don’t even remember I have ever seen MSFT rise so much in one day in my Microsoft career. Now I have budget for a trip to Disney World in Florida this ChristmasOpen-mouthed

Laptop 坏了

去信用卡网站查,找到了是12/03/2006买的toshiba satellite model.去toshiba网站上一查,我当时还有登记,所以还在保修期内。在网上查到了他们的维护点的电话,打过去人家说8am-6pm上班时间,我打的时候都晚上8点半了。。明天把laptop拎去看看是什么毛病。还好在保修期内啊,不然US$450就白白了

倒霉的一天。。Firestorm in San Diego

今天刚上班登录到msn上看到ys的名字边上写SD on fire!..我还以为SD很热呢问候了这家伙一下,结果他说是真的firestorm!可怜的人,大火已经烧到离家3 miles处了,早上6:20就被evacuate了,逃到朋友的apartment里上网。。
这之前早上送amy去学校前发现yard waste桶上一个纸条,原来说,"oops! 1是桶超重了,2是不收dirt.."都怪那来清理gutter的,居然清出几十磅的烂泥,就直接倒我的yard waste桶里了。。靠,我也不知道还有这麻烦,明天叫领导打电话去complain!
不过嘛,今天还不算是什么bad day,还有明天嘛,我们要相信明天会更好

Piano Lesson

9月份奖金发下来之后,终于实现了梦想:给amy买了台钢琴。哎股市亏了一台grand piano。。
Amy还是学习钢琴很有兴致的,每天在妈妈督促下都很认真地弹那么1个小时左右。2周前我还带她去seattle downtown参加了一个bach festival,听了一下其他大小朋友表演,据她妈妈说很有用,她知道自己还差距很大。。。呵呵,才开始1个月不到嘛,当然有差距啦。
今天叫人来调音了。那人调完还给我们弹了支 Beauty and Beast.. 看到他纯熟的指法,想,什么时候咱家的才能到那水平啊。。