End of Year 2007

Chinese market finished a great 2007 with the index up 96%. I finally made my goal set for 2007 Chinese stock market of 100% return: my Chinese account grew 103% this past year. Yeah!Tongue out 
Same thing cannot be said for my US investment accountSad A lackluster year after a great run in the 2nd half of last year. My performance doesn’t even beat DowJones although there is still 1 trading day left.
Next year my goal is to beat the index… both China and US.

We clinched NFCW for the 4th consecutive year!

With an easy 42-21 win over Arizona Cardinals, we are 9-4 and won the NFCW division! This makes me so happy… So we are guaranteed at least 1 home playoff game this season, which of course, I will go and cheer in Qwest field!

Saltwater Aquarium 8 – new fish & coral

After royal gramma died a few months ago, I finally determined to buy Nemo a new friend. Yesterday Denny’s Pet World has a yearly sale for 30% off marines and so I got in there and purchased the following:
1. A bicolor dottyback ($13.99 before sale)
2. A star polyp ($39.99 before sale)
3. 5 small freshwater fish (each $2.99 before sale, I forgot the name now, will update later when I find it out)
They all seem to live fine in my aquariums…