One down, one to go

Housewarming party is finally over. No, not yet. Just one down, one more to go for those who speak English. It will have to wait after we are back from Whistler though. So two weeks should give us a break. I’m really sick of working now Keep dreaming the days that I can retire…
Yesterday couldn’t finish watching Seahawks vs Giants because it went to over time and I had to run for a friend’s kid’s 1-year-old birthday. Listen to the radio while driving, when I heard that Giants missed another 2 field goals in overtime, I couldn’t believe my ears! What a break! Well, good teams always seem to have luck on their side and this year it’s finally us Go for NFC championship game! Go for SuperBowl!

Finally offer comes

After painfully waiting for 2 weeks, 2 minutes ago the offer email finally came! Cool.. now clears any doubt and can start preparing for house-warming party

Why keep me waiting

Two days after the formal interview, I still don’t know the status. Darn it, giving me offer or turning me down, why not give me an answer?!
These guys are driving me nuts. Although that if I am not given offer I’d probably still stay in my current team. Or should I look for other chances? Who can give me an answer?

holiday season coming…

Got a secret email from Victoria Secret and they are giving out free perfume. Wify forwarded the email to me and I went to grab one freebie for her yesterday afternoon after work and it’s already out of stock But the sales girl was very nice to me and offered me a substitute. Of course it’s not that big as shown, it’s not $47 – in fact $12.50 only. Freebie is always welcome, so I took it home happily and the smell is nice. Today wify went to Alderwood Mall and got another substitute. Amy sprays it on her animals and they all smell very nice now
Hmm, I love VictoriaSecret!  

2005 Halloween

Finally past Halloween, I finally can take a rest. Yesterday I couldn’t wait for the team meeting to finish and had to interrupt them and said, "I am sorry I have to go now. Kid is waiting for me to bring her trick-or-treating." and then ran out of room.
Then I led my wife and Amy into the building and started from my floor. Amy is a Tinkerbell this year and her mom even hand-made her a wand! Amy was so happy that she felt not cold at all and merrily walk along the hallway and collecting candies. One thing we noticed, she doesn’t like to say trick-or-treat to adults and so she always peep into the office first and if there is someone inside, she just skipped the candies and went to next one. After we went through two floors, we decided to try another building. She’s excited since she can collect more candies! And then one special moment came, we met BillG! He was taking his family to trick-or-treat too! He’s older now as I can see the white hair in his temple regions. His wife looks young and pretty though I said, "Hi, Bill" and he smiled at me and then we moved on different directions…
About 9pm we finally came home after the trip to Bellevue Square and dining out. Halloween is finally over and we can have some relax time!